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What our customers say

  • Mike, Thanks very much to you and your colleagues for producing the work on Friday. Your work has been very well received and a key feature of how good it all looked.
  • Thanks again Richard. In case my praises have not reached you, I will say again how delighted we have been with your service levels, account management and pricing. I will continue to recommend your services against other printers.
  • Kingsway have served us in a professional manner, delivering product of a very high standard and having always met our requirements, promptly.
  • We find a range of benefits available to us, when using Kingsway. These include reduced transportation costs, deliveries when promised, competitive pricing, a quick turnaround and a very ‘hands on’ Sales Team.
  • You are obviously using the latest printing technology available, giving better quality results. Your innovative team of experts, available to draft new designs quickly and efficiently.
  • Many thanks for turning our work around so quickly.

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